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Tyre Bead Wire is a high carbon bronze coated steel wire used in all tyres. The main function of bead wire is to hold the tyre on the rim and to resist the action of the inflated pressure, which constantly tries to force it off. The bead is the crucial link through which the vehicle load is transferred from rim to the tyre. It significantly affects the safety, strength, and the durability of tyres.

Following basic properties are required in the making of tyre bead wire :

  • Consistency in physical properties
  • Combination of high tensile and ductility.
  • Uniform and appropriate bronze coating.
  • Strong adhesion of wire to the rubber.
  • Uniform winding and proper coil dimensions.

Product Range

Following sizes of bead wire are being commonly used:

  • 0.89 MM NT / HT
  • 0.96 MM NT / HT
  • 1.295 MM HT
  • 1.60 MM HT
  • 1.65 MM HT

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